Get out of bed. Eat breakfast. Commute to work. 9 to 5. Go back home. Make dinner. Watch dog videos on Youtube. Go to sleep.

Life can sometimes feel like one giant loop. Like a mechanical routine that makes us forget an important thing: to take care of ourselves. To take some time to unwind, to take a break. To step back from reality and dive head-first into a state of wellbeing.

That’s precisely what rituals are: a form of self-care that bring flavour to your everyday life, and let you cleanse your soul. For some, those rituals translate into a hot bath at night with a good book. For others, like Vancouver-based active urbanite Angela Liguori, it’s all about exploring breathtaking landscapes.

As a full-time lululemon employee and outdoors content creator, Angela’s way of recharging her batteries is to put those hiking boots on, grab a bottle of RISE and get out in the wild. We recently sat down with her to discuss her latest work for RISE, which features two impressive locations.

What was your initial inspiration for this project?
I’m really inspired by colour, so the Rose & Schizandra flavour got me thinking right away. I love the way reds and oranges pop in-front of the blues and greens of the outdoors — so I knew it would be perfect for this project.

What is your usual creative process when you take photos of beautiful landscapes?
To me, three things are key: location, light and composition. Since I live in British Columbia, I’m so lucky to say that the mountains are a hop, skip and jump away! First thing I do is research which area I want to explore, and then I set out on my adventure. Next, I always ensure I shoot at sunrise or sunset as the light is the most magical at those times of the day. Lastly, it’s important to compose an image in a way that captures the view and subject in harmony. I tend to run around and shoot all different types of angles, so that I have a lot of options when I edit in post-production.

At RISE, we know it’s important to maintain a balanced lifestyle. When you have a full-time job like you, plus some other gigs on the side, we imagine life can become a little chaotic. What do you do to make sure there’s a certain balance in your life?
Balance is key—and something I constantly work on. With deadlines and deliverables, I strive to keep organized! In order to stay grounded throughout the hustle of my day-to-day, I have to sweat—whether that’s in the gym or outside. Working out keeps my mind and body at ease.

What does RISE inspire you?
RISE inspires me to keep growing, exploring and chasing those moments that make me feel alive.


Curious about her adventures? Make sure to follow her to get inspired by nature’s beauty!