We hear it and say it all the time: “I’m good, but so busy!”

When you and those in your orbit are creative, ambitious people, it can sometimes feel like you’re always on the go. We become trapped in routines and forget about rituals.

Rituals are a form of self-care and bring flavour to everyday life – times taken for ourselves to recharge, reflect and refresh our minds. They ensure we are not only going, but growing in the right direction. For Toronto-based artist and our latest collaborator, Meaghan Way, her favourite ritual is refuelling with a bottle of RISE kombucha.

As an illustrator and designer working with brands from VICE to Nike, she has to consciously make time for her health and happiness. Popping a bottle of RISE kombucha allows her to replenish her energy with raw, natural ingredients while taking a creative breather – so her art always looks amazing and she feels just as good.

What was your initial inspiration for this project?

Drinking RISE kombucha gives me a huge energy boost, and I knew that I wanted the illustration to reflect this – which is why I wanted it to be a moving GIF. I was watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at the time and the idea came to me while watching the scene where Ferris is signing “Twist & Shout” on the float (a great scene).

What was your creative process?

75% of my process was staring at myself in a mirror and figuring out the right direction to move the figure’s arms and legs. The other 25% consisted of me working from my laptop on a balcony in Florida, eating papaya, and listening to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.

We know it can be quite intense when you’re an artist in a full-on creation mode. When you’re intensively working on your projects, what do you do to maintain a balanced lifestyle?

I love to run and I try to attend pilates classes as much as I can. Since my job is mostly sedentary and I work from my tiny studio apartment, I need to move around daily in order to keep me sane. My friends and family are also incredibly important to me, and making time for them plays a big part in maintaining that balanced lifestyle.
In terms of hobbies, I love seeing movies and going to art shows and galleries. I’m such a fan of skincare that I would *almost* consider it a hobby at this point. These are all very meditative to me, and help to get me out of my head.

What does RISE inspire you?

RISE gives me the energy I need to thrive physically, mentally, and creatively!

Check out Meaghan’s amazing work here