2-in-1 Kombucha


We all know the struggle. Standing in front of your fridge, your two favourite RISE Kombucha flavours standing next to each other.

We get it. The struggle is real. Which one should you drink first? THAT is question.

Our friend Olivia from OliveganFoods has the perfect solution for those frustrating situations: a refreshing drink that has both flavours in it!

1. Pour your first RISE Kombucha bottle in an ice cube tray, and freeze.
For this recipe, the Mint and Chlorophyll flavour was used. You can include a mint leaf in each cube to crank up the mint flavour.

2. Once the ice cubes are done, pour the other RISE Kombucha bottle over them. For this recipe, we used the Lemongrass flavour.

Photo by Alex Lepine from U MAD? Photo